Mrs. Shelley Lowe, The Owner

The Ringleader for this tiny circus--
I've always loved reading! I "played" bookstore with my father's books, selling them to imaginary people who loved to read, too. Surrounding myself with books and children is a dream for one coming true!


Ms. Lee Virden DuBose, The Manager

Ms. Lee Virden DuBose brings her love of children and her passion for children's literature to Monkey and Dog Books where she oversees many of the details that make the store the magical place it is for children.


Mr. Sam Perkins, The Pinch Hitter

Sam Perkins is Monkey and Dog's pinch hitter--he gleefully takes his place behind the desk when neither Shelley nor Lee can be in the shop. A VORACIOUS reader, Sam is superbly tech-savvy---we steal him away from his "real" job in Granbury as a tech specialist.